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There are many benefits to painting your house, one of which is to make it look new again. Hiring a professional paint contractor is the best way to carry out this task to save you time and effort, and to make sure it results in a beautifully painted house. However, you want to find a painting company that will do the job right and in a timely manner.

This article will look at the things you should keep in mind before you hire a paint contractor.

What Needs To Be Painted?

Your choice of painting contractor will depend on whether you want the whole house painted, just the interior or just the exterior. To determine if you need to paint both the inside and exterior, or just one of them, you should look for signs that will help you determine the extent of how important it is to carry out the work immediately. For example,  signs your exterior needs to be painted may include visible signs of wear and tear, fading paint, and gaps and cracks.

It would help if you decided on the quality of paint that you want to use. This will be a determining factor in the cost of your house painter.

An interior house painter will charge less because they don’t have to contend with things like lead abatement, weathering, and other outdoor specific conditions. On the other hand, an exterior house painter will charge more because they must maintain them.


Find Contractors In Your Area

You will want to find a house painter that is in your area. If you are hiring someone from out of town, they may charge more money to travel, and they may not be able to do the job on time. You can ask your friends and family for references, look up online directories or do a Google search to find local contractors.

Set Up A Meeting

It is best if you meet with two or three contractors before hiring. The meeting with the contractor will give you time to discuss your house and the type of paint that you want it painted with and how long it would take for them to finish painting.
It would help if you also decided how much prep work needs to be done by the house painting contractor before they start working. For example, painting contractors can either remove all the furniture and cover everything with a tarp or paint around the house.

Following are some of the questions you could ask your contractor:

  • Is there a house painting project you’re currently working on that I can see?
  • What is your availability like, and how soon can the house be painted?
  • What is the size of your crew? Are they experienced?
  • Will my house need to be prepped before it’s painted, or do you prefer to paint over the existing surface?
  • How do you suggest we prepare for paint (patching, sanding, etc.), what type of primer will we use, topcoat, and more.
  • Do we know what color paint/primer/topcoat mix I should expect from these paints meeting house surfaces?


Request Price Quotes

A house painter will usually provide you with a free price estimate. However, it would help if you got quotes from all contractors you meet to have multiple estimates to compare and contrast. Ask for a detailed quote that lists labor costs, material costs, brand, model, and the number of primer and paint, and other details you are interested in.


You should get a list of references from the contractor. It is best to speak to a house painting contractor’s previous clients to know how competent and reliable they are.
If they have any house painting reviews on their website or google my business, make sure that it is recent! If previous clients are happy with the work they did, then only should you consider hiring them.

Are They Licensed?

It is essential to hire a licensed contractor because house painters must adhere to strict safety guidelines and regulations.
You can search the following website for licenses in Florida:

Do They Provide A Warranty?

A house painter should include an extended paint warranty on their quote if the house gets damaged during the painting process by things like wind, rain, or other natural elements that may interfere with the job. Inquire about how long they will provide a warranty on the paint job and what type of damages(chipping, flaking, fading, blistering) will cover.

Should You Choose The Paint Yourself?

You can choose the paint by yourself with a bit of research. However, if you don’t want to do so, the contractor will know what type of paint will work well with different surfaces and apply it correctly.

Ask For A Contract

It is necessary to have a written contract. It will detail the work the paint contractor has agreed to do, how long it is expected to take, what they are paid upon completion of each phase, and any warranties that come with the deal.

Do Not Pay Everything Upfront

It is best if you pay the paint contractor in increments. This will make sure that they finish their work within a reasonable time and are always on schedule.

Contractors Liability & Insurance

The painting contractor should deal with all of the paint job’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance. It is best to ask for their insurance document with the contract agreement and read it to ensure you are not liable for any mishaps.


House paint contractors should paint around the house or remove all furniture and cover everything with a tarp. The type of paint you choose for your home will depend on what surface it is painted upon whether paint over existing surfaces or by removing them entirely. A house painter should include an extended paint warranty in their quote if the job gets damaged during the painting process due to natural elements such as wind, rain, and sun. It’s best if you pay the contractor in increments, so they are always on schedule.


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